Data Deals: Saving Hacks

We live in a technological era, with access to the whole world just minutes away, with the small click of our fingertips. There is nothing to stop us from having an infinite journey of discovery, information, connection and friendship, nothing except…data. Data doesn’t come cheap – and whether it’s on your phone or on your home WI-FI Network – data is expensive. It is a hot commodity that everyone is trying to get his or her hands on.

However, data is a lot like love. Difficult to get your hands on, even more, difficult to keep – especially when it mysteriously disappears from your account. In hopes to save you both some megs and some money, here are some top tips to stretch your data deal further than what it is worth.

Data Deals: Saving Hacks; how to get more bang for your buck


App Savvy


Media-rich apps such as Facebook and Instagram are data-hungry. They use more data than a handful of Whatsapp’s or texts. Try to use these apps sparingly or only when you are connected to WI-FI. However, some of us are deeply entrenched and invested in the curation of our virtual lives. And can’t go long without viewing the latest updates or checking up on who may have slid into our DM’s then its time to edit your mobile data settings. In Facebook go to Settings > Newsfeed Preferences and turn off autoplay videos. In Instagram tap the settings symbol, select Cellular Data Use then turns on Use Less Data.


Automatic Updates


A lot of us are unaware that our apps update – often, whether we are connected to the WIFI or not. These updates eat a lot of data quietly in the background – a lot of the time without us even knowing. Data deals saving tip number two involves changing your settings to update only manually or when connected to WIFI.  On an iOS device go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and turn off Cellular Data. On Android go to the Google Play Store, tap the menu button on the top left of the screen, go to Settings > Auto-Update Apps and pick the option you prefer.


Push-Off Push Notifications


Like most things phone related, apps can be very pushy with their notifications. Notifying us on every little update, both big or small; recent posts, new friends, updates or changes in algorithms. However, we can save data when those pesky third parties are no longer “pushing” alerts to our phones all day. Usually, apps ask for permission when installing but if you’ve mistakenly activated pop-ups you can turn them off. On an iOS device go to Settings > Notifications > app name and turn off Allow Notifications. On Android navigate to Apps > Settings > app name > Notifications.


Reset Your Settings


For the various data deals options available on your device go to Settings > Connections > Data Usage on Android, or Settings > Cellular (or Mobile Date) > Cellular Data Usage on iOS. Data is used for everything you install on your phone, even the ones that you didn’t. Look at what data is being used on your phone – you’ll be surprised at the things that are eating your phone finances. Turn off your data use for apps that don’t require internet use such as notes and clock.